El Paso High School Class of 1960

54 DodgeWe will be using this post to write some notes about the Class of 1960 from El Paso High School, the “School on the Hill” in El Paso, Texas.  It is alarming to note that that this class is approaching its 50th anniversary since graduation.  That’s right, it will soon have been 50 years since this bunch of bright, wonderful kids completed their grueling scholastic regimen and earned their high school diplomas.  Way to go kids! What we hope to accomplish here is to serve as a place in the internet for members of this class to find each other.  I know that is a hopeless task and maybe even a thankless undertaking but here we go!  Here’s how it will work, or so we hope.  I will labor tirelessly beginning soon (today is September 9th, 2009) to list the names of many of the members of that class, along with maybe a little comment about selected individuals.  This undertaking will be labor intensive and exhausting but the payoff will be when some fellow member of the class, trolling the internet, Googles El Paso High School Class of 1960 or his/her own name and finds our post.  At that point it is our fervent hope that the visitor will drop us a line.  Stranger things have happened.  A somber note: We just ran a Google test on El Paso High School Class of 1960 and this humble post was not noted by that powerful search machine in any meaningful way (or maybe even not at all.)  But we can’t allow  something like reality to discourage us now, can we?

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