RAM’s 66 Mustang GT

1966 Mustang GT

Look at the above photo. See that black car? That, my friend, is a genuine 1966 Mustang GT coupe. It is parked in the dirt lot where the Speed Emporium cars were both worked on and displayed. There was another pretty much identical Mustang Gt at the Emporium. That one belonged to Henry, our founder and leader, and it had the same color and same options, except for the red lined tires.

The 66 GT at the NE Teklco

This is a photo of the same GT parked behind the NE telephone office in El Paso. The other cars are 60s Pontiacs and Chevys. In the picture is Mr. Nowicki, I think. He was an Index 5 installer for WECo. He was later made a supervisor. The other guy is either Chicago Charlie (as opposed to Tucson Charlie) or a kid named Holmes. It’s been so long, sometimes it’s hard to remember who was who.

Back to the Mustang. As noted, it was a black ’66 GT coupe with a red interior. GTs came with that sweet interior that was called the “pony” interior if ordered as an option on non-GT models. The instrument panel had full instrumentation with oil pressure and battery gauges rather than idiot lights. Very sweet. On GTs, the tail pipes exited through the panel under the rear bumper, rather than under the car and included unique slotted exhaust tips. GTs also sported stripes along the bottom of the body, between the front and rear wheel wells. There were three stripes, two thin ones top and bottom, a wider one in between. On this car the stripes were red, to match the interior color. On the front fenders, the middle stripe stopped to allow for the letters M U S T A N G (in chrome). Up front, the grille had fog lights at each end. Non-GTs did not have fog lights. This car came from the factory with red lined tires. With the black body (no vinyl top here), the red interior, the red stripes and the red lined tires, the car was a real eye catcher. The car came with the optional limited slip or locking rear end (which some brands called PosiTrak.) The gear shifter had a reverse lockout in the form of a pull-up device.) I really don’t want to get too technical.

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