Are We Lucky or What?


Everyday I go for a walk around downtown Phoenix during my lunch hour.  I do not often, actually never, talk to anybody I see.  I just walk and look at the cars and all the construction going on around me.  But not yesterday.

  1. While eating at the Coney Island I struck up a conversation with a guy (about my age wearing a security guard uniform ) about how good and healthy his chicken salad looked.  He proceeded to tell me that he has a 50% clogged artery and needs to eat as healthily as he can.  He has no health insurance and can’t afford the operation to clear the artery.  He his hoping that eating well will help him until he can get some insurance.  But he realizes that with his condition that is not likely to happen.  We talked for a little longer about this and that.  I wished him the best and left.  As I walked away as asked myself, why do I have health insurance and this person doesn’t?  Why am I the lucky one?  Reminded me to be thankful for all that I have.
  2. I left to go back to my office but I turned around and headed the other way just so I could walk a little more in this beautiful weather.  A couple of blocks away I stopped to look at a really nice motorcycle, I heard a male voice in well spoken Spanish say, that’s a beautiful motorcycle isn’t it?  I agreed.  The man, about 40 or so, clean, well dressed, of clear voice asked me if I had any work for him to do.  I said no, as we spoke he told me he had just come in from Mexicali, needed, work, food and I place to stay.  I told him that Maricopa County was not a place friendly to people without documentation on and that he might be better off someplace else.  I saw an empty lost look on his face.  I felt for him, told him where the local mission is and handed him my last $10.  I wished him well and walked away, back to my office, the one with health insurance.

I think that the guy with the artery problem liked talking to someone about his problem. I am happy that I could help the man that just came from a far away place with a few bucks.  Not much I could do.

But I have admit, that I walked back to my work feeling like one of the luckiest persons in the world to have so much.  But why me?

Like I said, I never talk to anybody on my walks. Everyday I see all sorts of people, but talking to them adds a different perspective on whom and what they are. This is not meant to be some sort of live changing story or event, nor does it have a deep meaning about life, just a story about my day yesterday. The only reason I am sending this is because it was very different from my usual lunch hour.

By forwarding this to 75 people you will not have some miracle come your way. By not forwarding this you will not be held responsible for destruction of the world as we know it.


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