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Henry Munoz/Rick Munoz/Mando Munoz

The Atascadero Speed Emporium web site is home t0 two brothers, Rick and Mando Munoz, formerly from El Paso, Texas, and the site serves as an homage to their older brother, the late E. H. (Henry) Munoz. Rick and Mando each left El Paso in his own time and for his own reasons and each has his own style of sarcasm, a unique sense of humor, and each has preferences in style and substance of hot rods. Their skepticism is legendary and their scathing witticisms probably still echo in the heads of their devastated targets and might yet still be blowing in those swirling, dusty West Texas winds. Each left El Paso of his own volition and at his chosen time to wreak havoc elsewhere. As they return to El Paso, if not in actuallity then virtually, they provide an opportunity for the world at large to visit the times and events of the single most important automotive endeavor in the history of El Paso, the Atascadero Speed Emporium. Here at, you will find commentary, insight, and editorials related to a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to, cars, automobiles, trucks, hot rods, customs, and motorcycles. Our wives and kids don’t want us writing about girls so don’t look for that stuff here.


Hey, what can I say? Ho, ho, and all that rubbish.

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