The Muñoz-Mazpulez Saga 2: Jesus & Julia- The Early Years

Jesus and Julia Muñoz

Jesus Muñoz and Julia Mazpulez were married on October 17, 1935 at the Iglesia Sagrado Corazon de Jesus (Sacred Heart of Jesus) in the 2nd Ward area of El Paso, Texas.

The Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement
Wedding Announcement: October 17, 1935.

The “madrinas” included Consuelo Muñoz who was quite likely to have been Jesus’ sister. The “padrinos” included Leandro Muñoz, Jesus’ brother and Emilio Mazpulez, Julia’s brother. Eloisa M Arreola and Arturo Arreola may have been related (to each other.) Julia’s brother Emilio would eventually marry another Eloisa, a Ms.Eloisa Perez. Jesus’ brother Leandro was probaly not the father of “paje” Josefina Muñoz because he was apparently not yet married to Marina, who was not in the wedding party. Also in the party was “paje” Jaime Hervella, nephew of Julia.The Wedding PartyThev wedding party included Jesus and Julia, of course, towards the left above. Next to them we will guess are Eloisa and Arturo Arreola. Behind Eloisa is Jesus’ brother Leandro, with their sister, Consuelo Muñoz. The last couple are Emilio Mazpulez, Julia’s brother, and we assume Emilia Hernandez, relationship unknown.

Jesus and Julia Muñoz in Higinio's cornfield in the Mazpulez compound in Juarez, Mexico in 1950 or so.

Jesus and Julia with their Seven Children

Seen here, the Muñoz bunch, featuring father Jesus, mother Julia, then Herminia, Yvonne and Enrique in the back row, Graciela, Corina and Ricardo in the center row and Mando in a row all to himself.


Jesus (right) with his brother, Uncle Leandro, Circa 1935

Jesus (right) and his brother Leandro Muñoz, circa 1935
Jesus (right) and his brother Leandro Muñoz, circa 1935. Jesus was 35 years old, Uncle Leandro a year older.

Consuelo Mazpulez Hervella

Consuelo Mazpulez Hervella

This is Consuelo Mazpulez, daughter of Higinio Mazpulez and Maria de las Nieves Gonzalez. Consuelo was the mother of Jaime Hervella, now of El Paso. You can read about Consuelo‘s short, tragic life in Jaime‘s unauthorized 2007 autobiography, Borderline Life. Her star burned brightly but briefly and was extinguished way too soon.

The Mazpulez Perez Clan

The Emilio Mazpulez Clan- Uncle Emilio, Aunt Eloisa and their three sons, Fernando, Antonio and Jorge
The Mazpulez Perez Clan- Uncle Emilio and Aunt Eloisa with their three sons, Fernando, Antonio and Jorge. Two of the boys are respected legal minds in Juarez and Chihuahua. The other one is Fernando.

Higinio and Maria‘s son Emilio with his wife, Eloisa Perez and their three sons, our cousins, Fernando, Antonio and Jorge. This family remained in Juarez, Mexico where two of the boys (now men) still reside. Jorge is in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.

The First Three Children

Jesus and Julia were married on October 17, 1935. Eleven months later, on September 6, 1936 they celebrated the birth of their first baby, their beautiful daughter, Yvonne. A mere eleven months after that (these people worked fast) on August 4, 1937, they welcomed Yvonne’s bouncing baby sister, Herminia Alicia. Still working feverishly, they had their first son, Enrique Horacio, a year and a half later, on January 8, 1939. These three gifts from the universe were followed by four more bundles of joy: Grace, Rick, Corina and Armando. Below are childhood pictures of Yvonne, Mimi and Henry.

(Maria) Yvonne Muñoz, Age 3
Herminia Alicia Muñoz, aka Mimi & Tootsie, Age 11 Months (1938)
Mimi y Yvonne
Mimi (Age 3) & Yvonne (Age 4) 1940
Mother and Henry
Mother and Henry (Age 1) 1940

In the early years the family lived in various houses in El Paso, near downtown on Kansas and Campbell Streets. By the time Rick was born in November of 1941, the family lived in a very pretty house at 1311 Arizona Street. But as the family grew and came to need more space, it found a fine old house at 320 Tobin Place, much farther out in the ‘burbs than the previous residences. No pictures of these early houses are available.

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